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About us

PI-Inc is a continually growing and agile Private Investigation agency working across Ontario, headquartered in Ottawa. We are a veteran owned organization with over 30 years experience at the forefront of discreet intelligence collection on an international scale.

PI-Inc's company ethos is to break the mold. We are different, nation leading and highly capable. We continually endeavor to drive change in the private investigation industry to provide you a better service and to furnish all of your intelligence needs.

Compliance in accordance with all requisite legislation, both local and national, underpins our operating practices at all levels. We pride ourselves on having the highest professional values and delivering timely, accurate and trusted outcomes for our clients. PI-Inc is more than a private investigations agency; we are also your trusted intelligence partner and offer consultation, guidance and expertise for all of your intelligence requirements. From personal to corporate private investigations, our strategic collection experience places us in the best possible position to enhance our intelligence partnership with you, the customer.

About us

Our services

We are a people-centric agency that puts emphasis on proven processes and technology. PI-Inc employees excel in the field of private investigation and intelligence and are meticulously hand picked from the best. We have a range of experience to meet the needs of our clients, even for the most delicate of cases, be that:

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Personal investigations

Commensurate with our core values of professionalism and confidentiality, here at PI-Inc we understand that your requirement for a private investigator is likely as a result of a difficult, stressful and emotional situation. We want to reassure you through this process by ensuring your case is met with empathy and understanding at all times. By harnessing our technologically advanced methods, we can be your single solution for all PI requirements.

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Corporate investigations

Because of the specialized training standard and employees within the agency, PI-Inc utilizes novel and pioneering open source intelligence collection methods. This not only makes our PI agency more effective as your trusted intelligence partner and private investigation agency, but also allows us to operate at lower risk of compromise, faster and with less workforce requirements, resulting in a very high success rate, timely answers and a cost effective solution.

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Forensic investigations

We can conduct thorough and comprehensive private investigations to assist in the prevention of fraudulent insurance claims. Our team of highly trained private investigators based in Ontonio, will investigate the legitimacy of the claim, documenting all factual evidence necessary to identify fraud.

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Technical investigations

To help our clients achieve the results they need, we match our experienced private investigators with the highest quality collection capability. We have subject matter experts in capability development continually assessing and evolving PI-Inc’s processes, procedures and hardware to ensure that we remain current and at the forefront of private investigation and technology within a rapidly developing environment.

As a socially conscious agency, PI-Inc commits 10% of all profits to charity. We believe that giving back and supporting those in need is a social responsibility. Regular donations to support veterans struggling with mental health and homelessness is an integral pillar in the PI-Inc’s philosophy.

Conduct and ethics

  • Our client’s interests always come first
  • We take great pride in the professional quality of our work
  • Our people and reputation continue to be our greatest assets
  • Client discretion and confidentiality is core to our business
  • Integrity and honesty provide the foundation of trust with our clients
  • We embrace creativity whilst constantly striving to find better solutions for our client’s problems
  • We will always strive to be the best rather than the biggest

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